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National Arts Honor Society 
For the second straight year the National Art Honor Society inducted a record number of talented young artists.  The ceremony was treated to an inspiring speech by SOU art history professor Melissa Geppert.  The group would like to thank art teachers Sam Scharf and Caroline Spear for their tireless work to make this club happen; and principle Zundell for her continued support and prioritization of arts at AHS.

NAHS Inductees - April 7th, 2015

Allie Haynes, Sara Lynch, Ayla Marsden, Sophie BirchBridges, Nicole Sagal, Luna Lininger-Salazar, Stephanie Kutcher, Olivia Rooney, Bowie Levick, Abby Conte, Angela Henty, Olivia Gower, Cedar Toulbee, Alexa Santos, Rosemary Olivia, Amelia Sorenson, Ruby Tidd, Ceili Widman, Skylar Zundel, Jesse Carroll,

Already Inducted Seniors: 

Max Moorish, Angel Love, Kate Joss-Bradley, Lilli Patton, Rosabelle Heine, Emma Culhane,

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