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Few Local Music Teachers

A Few Local Music Teachers:


Ryan Renteria - Berklee graduate (541) 601-9510


Gerry Pare' (541) 512 9632 email

Tom Stauffer

Michael Palzewicz

Beth Goldstein

Lisa Truelove: piano and cello, piano classes for very young children


Hal Davis

Tom Freeman

Viola Violin:

Pat Berlett, 

Beth Martin,  

Kimberley Fitch

Faina Podolnaya,


Michelle Alspach

Dave Scoggin, and Jazz

Trumpet: Bruce Dresser, (541) 482-1179

Horn: Cindy Hutton

Trombone: Mark Jacobs

Reeds:  Dennis Freese, Daryl Fjeldheim, Kenton Gould, Walker Kermode, (bassoon)

Flute: Katie McElrath 

Bass: Dave Miller

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