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  1. What is WFAF?

    WFAF is the annual Winter Fine Arts Festival, held in December each year. It features a crowd-pleasing variety show of students talents, an art exhibit, and fabulous silent auction -- you can get all your holiday shopping done on one night, plus support our arts students and staff!

  2. What does AHAA! use their funds for?

    AHAA! funds approximately 20-25 Summer Enrichment Scholarships directly to AHS arts students each spring. We also provide $500 grants to each art, music, and theater teacher, and help pay travel expenses for students who qualify for regional and state competitions.

  3. How does AHAA! raise funds?

    We have one fundraising event, the Winter Fine Arts Festival (WFAF), in December. This is a variety show to showcase our students' talents and also features a top-notch silent auction.

    We send an annual mailing to businesses and parents of students in the arts each fall, soliciting donations and volunteers.

  4. Who qualifies for Summer Enrichment Scholarships?

     Any AHS student who is a freshman, sophomore, or junior may apply for a scholarship if they will be enrolled in an AHS fine or performing arts class during the next academic year. Students use the funds for camp or for private lessons to improve their skills. The application form for scholarships can be found by clicking on “More” above and going to the “Forms” section.

  5. Who is the President of AHAA!

    Paul Finwall   :)

     Email: [email protected]

    June 13, 2012 AHAA! elected a new president, Paul Finwall. Paul is the father of 2 former AHS Students.

    This year's AHAA! crew is a fun and energetic group. Paul is looking forward to hearing from you. 8)



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